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THON's mission is to end pediatric cancer. Penn State students spend the school year fundraising and spreading awareness for cancer. Phi Kappa Psi and our partners, Sigma Kappa, join over 15,000 participants in the effort to continue funding research and providing support for the families. Three weekends are spent away from State College, at intersections and outside of businesses canning. We spend eight or more hours each day asking for change from people who pass by. Additionally, we host events on campus like $5 grilled cheese nights or fundraisers at restaurants where the proceeds benefit THON. We send out 30-40 THONvelopes each, asking for donations from family and friends and give money on our own behalf as well.

The effort culminates on THON weekend, a 46 hour dance marathon with no sitting or sleeping. Dancers from all different organizations make this sacrifice to support the children and their families and to raise awareness about pediatric cancer. The marathon can be grueling for a participant but this pain is nothing compared to what children with cancer must endure. Speeches from the families and kids inspire everyone to push on and the emotions of the event cannot be described.

Last year, Phi Psi and our partner, the Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP), raised $152,698.40 for the kids! We have set our goal for next year much higher and we are already making plans for new events and ideas to increase our total. We are proud to take part in such a magnificent event and contribute to something much larger than ourselves. Our fraternity was founded on "the great joy of serving others" and while we take part in THON we keep that close to our hearts.

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